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Strategic Planning and Community Engagement

In 2018, the Crystal City BID led a process to reimagine three of Arlington's most important commercial areas from a set of drivable suburban locations to a more unified walkable urban center. Shepherding this transformation will involve multi-stakeholder collaboration and deep cross sector buy-in.  I co-led the "Future Cities Project" a six month process that brought together a range of community, cultural, business and government representatives to tackle this challenge and to create a roadmap for the future.

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The Future Cities Project: Project

In 2018, The Crystal City BID brought together an array of stakeholders from the government, business, development and residential community to participate in a collaborative planning process. I was a coordinator for a team of consultants and experts on various aspects of the area’s market, public realm, economy and cultural landscape. I helped develop an interactive format that created multiple opportunities for input both online and in person. The plan was shaped by a broad range of perspectives and interests. Despite the diversity of viewpoints there was significant agreement that:

  1. The Future Cities area has enormous and as yet unmet, economic growth potential that could substantially strengthen the County’s tax base and fiscal health. 

  2. No one sector will drive the change that’s needed - the fate of the office, residential, retail and hospitality sectors along with the County’s fiscal health are intertwined.

  3. Collaborative planning efforts must build in social inclusion and environmental sustainability goals from the start.

  4. Investment in the quality and connectivity of place within and between Future Cities neighborhoods is fundamental. Reducing car dominance and fostering walkability and other modes of transportation will benefit the area socially, culturally and economically.

These broad areas of agreement among diverse stakeholders have guided what ultimately became the strategic plan for the National Landing BID. 

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The Future Cities Project: Text
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The Future Cities Project: Image
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