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Coaching and Leadership Development

I run a coaching and professional development program for the DowntownDC BID, providing one on one guidance for staff and weekly leadership development workshops.

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Natalie knows the complexities and challenges of the work we do in the place management industry. The Downtown DC BID’s investment in her coaching services for management staff has helped build confidence, resolve conflicts and step into new challenges as we transition back to the office

Neil Albert, CEO DowntownDC BID


The DowntownDC BID provides a range of services and programming to strengthen the Downtown DC community and manage its public realm and improve its parks infrastructure. It has a particular interest in serving people experiencing homelessness through the Downtown Day Services Center it runs in partnership with the DC government. The BID also cultivates a healthy economic ecosystem, through research, marketing and cross sector collaboration. The BID invests in a deep level of support and guidance for its team members, who are the backbone of its operation. I was hired to create and run a professional development program to help staff members grow their leadership capacity individually and as a team.


I conducted staff interviews across the organization focused on the strengths and weaknesses of the organization internally and perceptions around external threats and opportunities. All interviews were confidential, with specific comments reported anonymously. This enabled all staff to not only be candid but to share deep and cogent insights that gave leaders a clear and honest picture of internal dynamics. It laid the groundwork for future planning and guided the development of a set of training and coaching one on one coaching group to help the organization meet new challenges and new practices.


I coach participating staff members one-on-one twice a month. In the initial sessions, we work together to identify goals and challenges and to create a roadmap. My approach is to help team members tap into their own gifts and sense of purpose. We focus on not only what they want to accomplish but how they want to show up and serve. We also work on breaking down some of the toxic patterns keep individuals and teams stuck. The focus of my coaching is to guide people to meet "what is" with presence and openness.


Every week I run fun, dynamic and provocative workshops that help build community and expand on themes that emerge through coaching.

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