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Growing up in the DC punk scene and touring Europe, Canada and the United States were foundational to how I think about creativity and the interaction of places and culture.

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Below are some articles about my musical projects.

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This is my favorite article ever written about anything I've been a part of.

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New York Times article that kind of strangely puts Fire Party in the emo category.


WAMU 88.5 blog post about DC women musicians.

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Music and art in a Mount Pleasant DC Community Space

For nearly two decades, starting in 1997, I co-organized concerts and art shows in a Mount Pleasant community space. These shows provided a venue for underground artists and raised funds to support Radio CPR, a community radio station.

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Throughout the 90s and 2000s, I organized concerts at Centro D'Arte and other local venues, featuring diverse lineups of local underground artists. Proceeds from the shows benefitted local non profits and laid the foundation for the founding of Radio CPR, a community radio station that reflected a huge range of music and voices from DC and beyond. 

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