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Over the last two decades, I’ve had the opportunity to work with an incredibly wide variety of leaders and organizations that centered their work around people and places.

Along the way, I’ve built a wealth of experience navigating polarities when working with multi-sector stakeholders. I’ve learned about the persistence and fortitude needed to move programs and policies forward through community processes and government bureaucracies.  I’ve learned about failing and getting torn down and then having to dust one’s self off and get back to the drawing board. I’ve learned about the price of speaking up and the price of keeping quiet. 

I bring these lessons and experiences along with a deep commitment to supporting leaders to my work as a guide. I help individuals and teams:

  • Speak the truth, even when it's uncomfortable. 

  • Navigate polarities with grace and strength

  • Recognize and transform common dynamics that keep people and processes stuck

  • Hold space for difficult conversations and challenging transitions

  • Set meaningful and sustainable boundaries 

  • Explore and uproot biases and limiting beliefs 

I'm 100% committed to helping people step into their power, and to lead with love and integrity.

I have a variety of packages available that can be customized to fit your individual and organizational needs. 

Leadership Development Programs for Organizations: Services
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